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Top 5 Games To Watch On MyCujoo (May 11 - 12)

The UPSL Women's Division kicks off 2019 Spring Season in Florida
Published May 10, 2019


Unity FC vs Santos FC Women

The UPSL Women’s Division will be kicking off in Florida with the game between Unity FC and Santos FC Women. Unity FC has been known well recently with achievements both on and off the field. Meanwhile, Santos FC Women has brought in many talented players on the team, showing the ambition to win the inaugural season.

Watch the game at 6 PM ET

Lowcountry United (3-1-2) vs Charleston United SC (4-1-2)

This is the second time these two teams face off each other in the season. The Charleston Derby is getting some heats as both are fighting for a playoff spot in the Mid-Atlantic Division. Charleston United defeated Lowcountry United 4-2 in the last meeting at Ravenel Stadium. However, this time Lowcountry United will take on their neighbors at home, giving them the opportunity to claim the third place on the table from Charleston United. Who would be the winner of the second Charleston Derby match?

Watch the game at 7 PM ET

Bih Grand Rapids (1-1-1) vs Waza Flo (0-0-1)

This game can be considered a rematch and a chance for Waza Flo to pay back after losing 3-2 to Bih Grand Rapids in the last game. On the other side, Bih Grand Rapids looks to repeat what they did two weeks ago and keep three points stay at home.

Watch the game at 7:30 PM ET



Club ATLetic (3-1-0) vs Yardaz FC (2-2-1)

Club ATLetic is remaining among the unbeatens in the UPSL. However, this match would be a significant challenge for the newcomers as they will have to take on the defending champions. Yardaz FC is not doing good as expected, but they are always the team to beat in Atlanta Caribbean Division. One win and the champions will be back on the race for the title.

Watch the game at 12 PM ET

Philadelphia Lone Star FC (1-0-1) vs New Jersey Teamsters FC (1-0-1)

It is interesting that both lost their season opener but bounced back strong right after that. NJ Teamsters lost 2-1 to Krajisnik FC but then defeated New Hampshire Bobcats 5-1. Meanwhile, Philly Lone Star was defeated by the Northeast reigning champions Mass United, but they managed to win 3-0 over Brockton FC United in the next game. The similarities between these two teams make this match one of the best games to watch this week.

Watch the game at 5 PM ET