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Top 5 Games To Watch On mycujoo (April 6 - 7)

Red Sharks and Santa Monica United are battling for three points to keep up with the top teams in Socal North Championship Division
Published Apr 5, 2019


Houston FC (1-0-0) vs Almeyda FC (1-0-0)

Houston FC will have their home opener this Saturday after coming back from a 3-2 win against Bay Area Oiler FC last weekend. Another three points would be the best gift from Houston FC to their fans. Their opponent will be Almeyda FC. The team owned by San Jose Earthquakes head coach Matias Almeyda had a successful debut with a 1-0 win over Cedar Stars Rush.  

Watch the game at 11 AM CT


Vacaville Elite (2-0-1) vs Pajaro Valley United (2-0-0)

Vacaville Elite and Pajaro Valley United are currently at the third and second place on the Wild West Division standings, respectively. Pajaro Vally United have not played since their last win over San Leandro FC on March 16. Meanwhile, Vacaville Elite just bounced back from the loss to Redding Royals FC with a win against Real San jose.

Watch the game at 6 PM PT



Charleston United SC (2-1-1) vs LSA Pro (1-0-2)

After struggling in the first two games with one loss and one tie, Charleston United SC seems to figure out the winning formula with two consecutive wins over Savannah Clovers and Lowcountry United, both are home games. On the other side, a defeat by the Mid-Atlantic South B Division top team Soda City in the last match will not stop LSA Pro from looking for the second win of the season on their way to Charleston.

Watch the game at 4 PM ET


Honduras 5 Stars (0-1-0) vs Club ATLetic (1-0-0)

Atlanta Caribbean Division will start streaming their games on MyCujoo this weekend, and one of the best games to watch there is the match-up between Honduras 5 Stars and Club ATLetic. Both are new to the UPSL. Club ATLetic kicked off their inaugural season with a massive win against Atlanta Generals while Honduras 5 Stars couldn’t finish their last game against the reigning champions FC Yardaz due to a lighting issue at the park, leading the game to be called early 13 minutes with the final result was 1-1.

Watch the game at 6 PM ET


Red Sharks FC (4-1-0) vs Santa Monica United (4-1-0)

Both teams are having the same overall record, making this one of the best matches to watch this weekend. Red Sharks winning streak was stopped after they tied with Revolution FC. However, a bye week should be enough for The Sharks to get back on the track. Meanwhile, Santa Monica United is having such an outstanding performance by scoring 16 goals and only allowing 3 in 5 games. One win and both teams will have the chance to keep up with USA Soccer Stars at the second place of SoCal North Championship Division standings.

Watch the game at 8 PM PT